Kitten Foster Home



Kitten Foster Home


Latvia, Riga

Foster home is a volunteer practice when rescued animals are temporary housed at volunteer homes. Foster families take care of the animals until they find permanent ones. Searching for potential owners is a serious task, for this reason pets can only be adopted after signing the agreement. Thanks to the activity of volunteers, the population of stray animals does not continue to grow exponentially, since one of the clauses of the contract is mandatory sterilization of the adopted pet, after reaching the required age.

This foster home is located in one of the suburbs of Riga, where an animal loving couple has devoted one of their rooms for abandoned cats and kittens rescued from streets. Foster parents care about the health of the animals in the first place, so a visit to a veterinarian is essential. However, since volunteers do not get any financial support and all the expenses for medical service are covered out of their own pockets, we believe a contribution in the form of pet food is crucial.

Foster parents have built a hand-made two-storey house for kitties, equipped with litter box, bed, toys and bowls. If a fosterling is healthy, volunteers searching for a new home, because the faster it finds a new owner, the sooner another kitty will be rescued from street! Kittens are in constant danger while on the street: viruses, hunger, cars, predators.. so the work of volunteers is priceless.

If you want to provide a temporary or permanent home to kittens, click on the link provided below (org. Animals Helper on Facebook) and find out about this opportunity. If you want to support the initiative of young people and take part in the fate of the kittens, feed them with quality food and they will be very grateful!

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