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This foster home is located in one of the suburbs of Riga, where an animal loving couple has devoted one of their rooms for poor, retrieved them from certain cold death kittens. The foster home owners are contacted by people who rescue pets and, if place is available, the cute kitties live in the foster home for some time, until they are adopted.
The foster home owners also take the kittens to veterinarians and pay for all the vaccinations and the required medical procedures such as infection treatment, which is obligatory for all the kittens taken from the street, that’s why it is essential to help such devoted volunteers with anything they need.
In a foster home, everything is always ready for the arrival of new kittens– a large cage, furnished with a soft bed, cat litter, toys and a bowl. Usually, the kittens find a new home in a blink of an eye, so the inhabitants are always changing, but, nonetheless, they are always cute.
If you want to help some kittens with a foster home too, contact the foster home in a Facebook page that helps animals and find out if this foster home is available or not.
These playful kittens are still waiting for their human. If you want to support the initiative of the volunteers and to take part in the fate of these kittens, buy them cat-food below or become their new “parent”!

The shelter needs your help. Look at the bottom of the page, where you will find the products necessary for the shelter. You can buy them online and they will be delivered to the shelter directly. Tell your friends about our project and the possibility to help animals all over the world!

Kitten Foster Home


Latvia, Riga



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