Canned & Dry Food Delivered to the Shelter in Viljandi

More animal food has been delivered to the shelter in the city of Viljandi in Estonia. As you can see, both dry and canned food have been bought for the cats by the dedicated cat-loving users of Animals Life NET, pictured in the photo below.

In case you don’t know how to help the shelters, here’s a quick reminder: just go to the page of any animal shelter that is featured on our website and look under the live stream video. There, you will see an online shop with the products needed for the animals in a particular shelter. Buying these items also means that they will be delivered straight to the shelter. As soon as enough amount of money is gathered, a batch of food is delivered to the shelter and we post the news about it on our website and our Facebook page. If you want to receive a more detailed report on the pet food that you bought, just leave your email upon buying it.

You can also easily sign up for volunteering or adopting a pet from any shelter on any of the shelter’s page.

Don’t wait up – act now! Tell everybody about the project on social media and help homeless pets with Animals Life NET!




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