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Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary was established in 2004 near the city of Mellieha on the beautiful island of Malta. Its main mission is to rescue abandoned and neglected dogs and provide them with medical care and comfortable living conditions, as well as to search for the new loving homes for its inhabitants on Malta and abroad. Besides that, Noah’s Ark is in the forefront campaigning for upgrading and enforcement of animal welfare laws, microchip registration of dogs nationwide and for responsible breeding.
The shelter has received a great reputation among the citizen and the officials of Malta. Whenever there is an abandoned stray walking around, the police would call the shelter, so that they could pick up the dog. The shelter provides any medical treatment necessary for the pets and, just like most of the other shelters, neuter, vaccinate and register all the dogs that go through the shelter.
Right now, the sanctuary houses around 100 dogs. Financed by private individuals, Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary rely entirely on charitable contributions. Kind hearted volunteer workers are taking care of all the dogs kept at the sanctuary. The shelter cooperates with all animal welfare officials and NGO’s and also controls animal cruelty situations in the region.
Noah’s Ark always depends from donations in any way, especially with food. The shelter has also launched a campaign with the local supermarkets called “Buy an extra tin”, where the customers could buy a can of food and leave it at the shop, so that the shelter’s worker could collect it.
Our project is not an exception, you can buy food for the dog sanctuary here as well! Just check beneath the live stream, where you will find the products necessary for the Noah’s Ark shelter: the purchased food will be later delivered to the sanctuary. Tell your friends about the shelter on the distant island of Malta!

The shelter needs your help. Look at the bottom of the page, where you will find the products necessary for the shelter. You can buy them online and they will be delivered to the shelter directly. Tell your friends about our project and the possibility to help animals all over the world!

"Noah’s Ark" Dog Sanctuary


Malta, Mellieha

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