"Cat and dog" shelter



"Cat and dog" shelter


Russia, Kazan

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Cat and Dog Shelter  from Russia is located between the city of Kazan and Zelenodolsk.  The shelter exists for  6 years and there is about 400 dogs and 35 cats live there. The shelters’s aim  is to find a good home for all homeless animals and to help crippled animals.
The shelter  “Cat and dog” has been holding “good classes” sharing information in schools for many years, educating kids about animals.
The main objective of the shelter is the homeless animals sterilization.

Shelter also takes care about old and sick animals, paying particular attention.

“Cat and dog” shelter exists thanks to charity and help of caring people only.

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Products necessary for the shelter

Dry dog food (15kg)

Wholefood diet for adult dogs with sensitive digestive system, tasty, light & digestible, with duck & poultry, biotin promotes skin & coat health, moderate energy content


Wet dog food (2,4kg)

Complete food for adult dogs, particularly high meat content, without carbohydrate sources, gentle preparation ensures the preservation of nutrients, high acceptance, without soy & artificial additives



Clumping Wood Cat Litter is made from 100% natural organic fibres, and is a clumping litter that works as a natural odour and germ trap.

Clumping Wood Cat Litter is an effective litter that, thanks to the unique JRS-Organic FIBRE700-Technology, functions like a natural odour and germ trap. Moisture and odours are absorbed quickly and long-term by the fibres’ ultrafine capillary system. This stops odours developing over a long period of time – all without chemical additives.



Hill’s™ Science Plan™ Feline Adult Optimal Care™ with Lamb is formulated to support optimal fitness, with clinically proven antioxidants, lean proteins and enhanced Omega 3s.

Key Benefits

  • Clinically proven antioxidants for a healthy immune system
  • Supports gentle, healthy digestion
  • Sustains healthy vital organs with balanced mineral levels.
  • Made with high quality ingredients for great taste. 100% guaranteed.


Royal Canin Maxi Adult (18kg)

Large adult dogs have a relatively small digestive apparatus and thus limited digestive capacity. Their intestinal walls are more permeable than those of small dogs, enabling more water to enter the intestines and thus cause a higher water content in stool. Increased fermentation of colon bacteria may also lead to flatulence in large dogs.

Because of their unique characteristics, large dogs not only have a delicate digestive system but also sensitive joints. Excessive exercise, especially of young dogs, may cause early damage of bones and joints.

Only a special, highly digestible diet may compensate for these attributes of large dogs: Royal Canin Maxi Adult dog food for large dogs (26 – 45 kg) from 15 or 18 months of age.

  • Optimal digestive safety: EPA and DHA may contribute to optimal digestive safety, dried sugar beet shavings improve stool consistency
  • Healthy heart: taurine may help to strengthen the heart function and support the heart muscle
  • Healthy joints: chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine together with EPA and DHA support bone and cartilage health
  • Enhanced palatability: carefully selected nutrients, modern technology and natural flavours ensure maximum acceptance and help satisfy even fussy appetites