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"Rescate Animal" shelter


Ecuador, Guayaquil

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Help Animals

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“Rescate Animal” is a non-profit foundation approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture and Fisheries of Guayaquil City.
The shelter is dedicated to the protection of the abandoned and mistreated urban fauna in Guayaquil. As an NGO that strives to lead the processes of social changes in animal issues in Ecuador, the shelter is in charge of the reinsertion and adoption of animals, the education and awareness of the society, the promotion of sterilization as a strategy aimed at reducing the high rates of neglect and maltreatment of animals, as well as participatory activism.
“Rescate Animal” strives to contribute to building a society without violence, where people do not perform acts of cruelty against animals – a society where the welfare of animals is of general interest. People ought to believe that animals have rights and deserve high standards of life that will ensure their harmonious coexistence with the surrounding world and the human societies.
Since its foundation day, the shelter has saved the lives of over 1,500 animals. In 2015, the NGO established the Transitional Recovery Center. Throughout 2016, in addition to hosting 1,185 random dogs and cats, the center has housed 141 homeless animals, 84 of which have been given for adoption while others are still waiting for a family.

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