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Become project participant

“Animals Life Net” is a social project dedicated to supporting animals. The project is a website, which is designed for the people that are not indifferent to the fates of the animals. On our website, you can see the live streams of the lives of animals 24/7. has been created not so long ago, but we have already received a heartfelt comeback from our first visitors.

For our project, we want to attract as many shelters from all over the world as we can. People need to understand that animals, the same as people, often need care and love. Any shelter can become a project participant, regardless of its geographical location.

Participation in the project “Animals Life Net” will give the shelters new opportunities for solutions to everyday tasks such as:

  • searching for the new owners for the animals;
  • attracting volunteers;
  • interacting with charity organizations;
  • supporting the shelters online;
  • helping with animal food;
  • providing material support for all necessary animal attributes (leashes, blankets, bowls, etc.).

Installation and maintenance of all equipment is carried out at the expense of the project and does not require additional costs from the shelters’ owners. You can also set the camera yourself. First of all, it will give an opportunity to redirect financial assistance of the project to a different direction, for example, to improve the quality of Internet connection in shelters that are outside an inhabited locality. At the same time, it will help to reduce the time that would have been spent on solving technical issues in your country. Usually, this process lasts from two weeks to a month. If you agree to install the camera yourself, then all the necessary equipment will be sent to you by mail and you will be required only to install it. All the necessary technical information related to the installation, you can get on the phone.

Become a part of the project – give a chance to homeless animals to tell the world about themselves

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