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Private shelter "Asenyka"


Kazakhstan, Astana


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Private shelters are institutions that are founded and maintained thanks to the donations of ordinary people. Today, the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan does not regulate the activity of such shelters by any normative documents.
The organization started its activity in a small cottage in the suburbs of the capital. A young girl with boundless love, compassion and empathy for animals made up her mind to open her own shelter. Since then, she has been helping almost all the abandoned animals that she meets.
As time went by, more and more animals were brought to the shelter. As there wasn’t enough space for all of them, in 2013 Zhumabekova Bakhtygul decided to buy a new bigger place for her pets. Using her own savings, she bought a cottage in the city of Astana and started to use the cottage as her new shelter. She named the organization “Asenka” in honor of the first rescued cat.
The shelter is divided into a quarantine zone where new and sick animals are kept, and a separate zone for healthy pets. At this moment, the shelter hosts 400 cats, 100 dogs, as well as the black fox Alex, the swan Kuralai, the owl Lyolya, and the euphemist Bingo!
The organization is aimed at creating all the conditions for animals that are in need of help and rehabilitation. On a permanent basis, two veterinarians visit the shelter: they treat and examine all the inhabitants of the shelter. In 2017, the organization launched a campaign for organizing and building a personal veterinary office for the shelter.
The shelter has two goals:
• to create a full-fledged modern clinic on the basis of the shelter and treat homeless animals;
• to create a center for the treatment of children with disabilities with the help of animals.
The private shelter “Asenka” works only thanks to voluntary donations of ordinary people who care about the fate of animals. The workers of the shelter are confident that people who help them really know what pain, pity, evil, mercy, and boundless love for one’s neighbor are!

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Private shelter “Asenyka”

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