‘Kat ZoektHuis’ animals protection society



‘Kat ZoektHuis’ animals protection society


Bélgica, Gent

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Help Animals

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Help Animals

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Everyone deserves a safe home with fluffy blankets, delicious food, playtime, medical help and a lot of love. Unfortunately, a lot of cats end up living in the street for various reasons. ‘Kat ZoektThuis’ helps the cats living in streets, gets them off the street and takes them to loving foster homes where they can wait for that a special home where they can forget their past and be loved.

‘Kat ZoektThuis’ works with volunteers who take poor cats up in their home. There is a ‘no-kill’ policy with ‘Kat ZoektThuis’. Every cat deserves a change even if they don’t have the most beautiful fur or a missing eye, or they need expensive medical treatment. Newborns or the ones living their last days are all welcomed with a lot of love. Due to a thorough screening, they try to place them in the right house.

Strays who don’t appreciate the company of humans will get desexed and released back in the place where they’ve been found. They always try to find the best solution for every cat. ‘Kat ZoektThuis’ doesn’t get any financial support via subsidy or the like. They organize benefits (like a spaghetti evening) to raise money to keep the shelter going. Their activities are always vegetarian. They even try to be as vegan as possible because they don’t want to save cats at the expense of other animals.



Extra for shelter

Alimentos secos para gatos (10kg)


Alimentos enlatados para gatos (2,4kg)


Caixa de areão para gato (14litr)


Alimentos enlatados para gatos (1,2kg)


Alimentos secos para gatos (2kg)