Abrigo "Gato e cachorro"



Abrigo "Gato e cachorro"


Rússia, Kazan

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Cat and Dog Shelter  from Russia is located between the city of Kazan and Zelenodolsk.  The shelter exists for  6 years and there is about 400 dogs and 35 cats live there. The shelters’s aim  is to find a good home for all homeless animals and to help crippled animals.
The shelter  “Cat and dog” has been holding “good classes” sharing information in schools for many years, educating kids about animals.
The main objective of the shelter is the homeless animals sterilization.

Shelter also takes care about old and sick animals, paying particular attention.

“Cat and dog” shelter exists thanks to charity and help of caring people only.


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Large Package

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Extra for shelter

Alimentos enlatados para cães (4,8kg)

Premium quality wet dog food which provides natural, additive-free nutrition for your dog; naturally rich in protein and nutrients, preserved in the tasty cooking stock, easy to digest.


Alimentos secos para cachorros (15 kg)

Dry food for puppies. Made with 70% meat, fish and other fresh ingredients. Natural nutrients aid healthy development. Wheat & gluten-free.


Alimentos secos para cães (10kg)

Dog food for adult dogs highly nutritious salmon and rice for a healthy diet, with beneficial vitamins and minerals


Caixa de areão para gato (14litr)

100% natural cat litter with plant-based hygiene pearls that act as a natural odour blocker. Forms extra compact clumps, traps bad odours and bacteria, and absorbs up to 80% its own volume in liquid.


Small Package 400g+6*70g+1pc

400 g dry food rich in salmon and chicken + 6 cans of natural wet food for adult cats with at least 70% fresh meat and fish in food quality, high nutrient profile, without gluten and artificial additives, many tasty flavors + one mouse toy