Shelter for cats "Murkosha"





Shelter for cats "Murkosha"


Oroszország, Moscow

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The shelter “Murkosha” from Moscow  the only non-state shelter for cats in Russia, which comprehensively approaches the issue of animal rescue. On average, there are bout 500 cats permanent live on the territory of the shelter. All the employees of the team are volunteers in the past, each of them has dozens of lives saved. On our own experience, through trial and error, we have developed a system where any cat (aged pet or a disabled animal), has a chance to become domestic and happy.

“Murkosha” works with guardians on partnership conditions. That means, foe example: you – bring to the shelter a pet and provide the financial help of his life,the shelter takes on all the work from the moment the cat arrives and until it finds responsible owners.

When the cat has arrived, the veterinarian examines, treats against parasites, vaccinates, and chips each animal. Cat gets veterinarian passport with all  international standards.
Then the cat is placed in quarantine for 21 days – a special room with an individual system of air inflow and outflow into each box. During this time, the staff of “Murkosha” identify features of his health.

During these three weeks, each mature pet undergoes the procedure of castration / sterilization in the clinic. After passing the quarantine, the cat goes to one of the exhibition rooms, where guests of the shelter choose new family members.

Due to serious work on the part of PR, our pets find the house rather quickly, in about 3-6 months. Up to 50-80 cats per month find a new home. For 3 years t a new homes found more than 3800 animals.

Animals are given only after the interview and only if the visitor performs a series of measures to ensure the safety of their home for the animal. For example, the installation of special metal nets on the windows.

Unfortunately, not all animals living in “Murkosha” shelter  have their own caring person. That  means, nobody pays for his living, treatment and feeding, and all the shelter has to do is pay for all this from its own resources.

“Murkosha” is a non-governmental organization and the state does not help the shelter. Therefore, the shelter always needs a help.

Shelter needs any kind of help: cages cleaning , writing texts in the social, feed supply, networks. You can you the opportunity to help here, online, choosing the feed and ordering that purchase.

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Cat toy set with balls and mice (12) (qty)

An extra large toy set for playful cats: 12 fun toys, with bells, rattles or soft plush – perfect for hours of fun with your cat.


Trixie Cats cheese corner (36x19x31) (qty)


Fleecy Sheepskin Cat Den (43,5×43,5×40) (qty)

A cute retreat to hide away and snooze, made from faux sheepskin with a removable, cosy mat, that can be folded up. The inner plastic rods support the tent and ensure that it keeps its shape.


Biológiailag lebomló macskaalom (10l)

Made from 100% natural wood the litter is biodegradable, making it friendly on the environment and can be put in any suitable compost bin after all faeces have been removed.


Large Package 10kg+14l

10 kg dry food for cats with chicken, tuna or salmon + 14 L of 100% natural clumping cat litter made from maize with very efficient odour binding and a lavender scent. 99% dust-free, economical and fast clumping