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„Estonian Pet Rescue Society“ is the volunteering union of kindhearted people, who love animals and try to help them to the best of their strength and capabilities.

– It’s so sad to see that current laws almost do not protect the animals and are not very friendly in regards to homeless pets while demanding the „cleaning of the streets“ more than the actual help to pets. As result, the organization has this kind of „vicious approach“ of euthanasia as a „pets rescue“.

– It’s so sad to see people not valuing anyone’s life and thinking of euthanasia as a „kind action“.

– „Estonian Pet Rescue Society“ cannot tolerate the fact that animals tormentors are not punished properly, that irresponsibility of pets „breeders“ and other people do have place now.

– The irresponsibility of pet owners has been always the issue – thanks to that there are so many homeless unhappy pets on the streets.

– It’s also so sad to know about people who don’t want to sterilize their pets, and as result investing into the growth of homeless pets number.

„Estonian Pet Rescue Society“ does its best to make animals HAPPY!

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10 kg dry food for cats with chicken, tuna or salmon + 14 L of 100% natural clumping cat litter made from maize with very efficient odour binding and a lavender scent. 99% dust-free, economical and fast clumping


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2 kg dry food with chicken, tuna or salmon + 5 kg clumping cat litter + 12 cans of a natural wet food for all adult cat (chicken, tuna, salmon)


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Natural, grain-free complete food for kittens. This tasty wet food is made from 72% meat and enriched with vegetables and fine herbs. It is packed with essential proteins, vitamins and taurine.


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Dry food specially designed for fussy or sensitive cats, rich in salmon and with easily digestible ingredients. It has an optimum calcium-phosphorus content for prophylaxis against urinary stones.