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Cristmas gifts for the Latvian shelter "Ķepu Ķepā"

Our Christmas action for the Latvian shelter “Ķepu Ķepā” has successfully ended! All the gifts were delivered to the shelter. Many thanks to everyone who took part in this nice event and share with animals a part of the heart and faith in Christmas Miracle. There were so many gifts that we had some trouble to get them all into the car! Animalslife.Net team is wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy

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New Charitable Campaign in Riga, Latvia

Animals Life NET team visiting "Ulubele" and "Labās mājas"

"World Animal Month" sums up results

Animals Life NET is celebrating Animal Month

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“We would like to express our gratitude to Animals Life NET for inviting us to be part of their project. We created our Tunisian animal welfare society ten years ago and have run this dog & cat shelter for the same period; sustaining the shelter is not easy; our means are limited and adoptions in Tunisia are neither numerous nor of good quality; so we rely on adoptions abroad (a few every year). So the visibility offered to us by being present on Animals Life NET Internet portal and we hope to see positive effects of this participation in the future. Thanks again!” ( “SOS Animaux”, Tunise)

Thank you!

“We are so satisfied with this project. It allows new permanent control of the dogs in the shelter. Donors can see what’s happening in the shelter and how dogs are. When conflicts occur between dogs, we can see in time. We hope that people seeing the shelter activity to understand our need for help to care for and feed over the 300 animals in our care. Thank you!”
 (Dr. Rudi Hofmann, «Dog Rescue Romania»).

Hello, AnimalsLIFE.NET!

” It is great to be a part of your project. We feel much closer to our supporters since they could see in live, without leaving their homes, how the cats are spending their time in “Old Cat Shelter”. Old Cat is pretty remote from the public transfer and this project gives opportunity even to the most distant follower to participate in the everyday life and activities of the residents of “Old Cat Shelter”. Thank you Animalslife.net!”

Thank you, AnimalsLIFE.NET!

“After some months working with Animals Life we have to say we are happy with the cooperation.
A lot of people watch us and tell us they follow what our cats do at night or even during the day.”
(«Gutuari», Spain)

Dear AnimalsLIFE.NET team!

“From our experience our participation in your project has as a result already been successful in assisting us in all original aims. Congratulate Animalslife.NET team for their great achievement! We are sure, you have succeeded in your aims to help animal lovers to donate food to animal shelters, encourage people to adopt animals and do voluntary work at shelters. The animalslife.NET website is also encourages better treatment of animals. You have also created a window to observe global efforts in the rescue of abandoned animals. We look forward to another year of cooperation. On behalf of our team at Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary I have to thank all the Animalslife.NET team for your generous work.”

(Mark Vella Bardon, «Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary», Malta).

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"Animals Life NET is a unique global project in support of stray homeless animals. The project unites animal shelters and welfare organizations from all over the world. Any site visitor can buy the necessary products for shelters online (food, leashes, etc.) or contribute to fundraising for veterinary or other services. Join the Animals Life NET project! Together, we will make this world a better place!"
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