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“AnimalsLife.Net” is an online portal for people, who want to make the life of animals better and happier. The live streaming project aims to create a community that would help animals from several different countries. On the website, you will find live streams of the lives of animals 24/7 from shelters. Anyone who wants can observe their daily lives, provide support or adopt a pet.

Streams not only provide the opportunity to watch their lifestyles and living conditions but simplify the process of communication between the shelter and other people. Now, if you want to adopt a pet, you can choose it online, while watching our live broadcast. You can immediately contact the needed animal shelter or welfare organization and arrange a meeting. If you, at the moment, are not ready to have a dog or a cat, but still want to help the animals in need, you can share the information about the “AnimalsLife.Net” project on social networks – together we can make this world a better place!

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