About Project

About Project

Animals Life Net is a project dedicated to live streaming directly from animal shelters. Perhaps, you have always wanted to adopt a pet, but were not able to find time to come and choose it? Our website is designed for you to be able to look into the animals’ way of life, to scope out a four-legged friend, so it would suit you character and behavior, your age and maybe even external criteria, while being at home, in public transport or in a cafe. We want to disperse an opinion of poor treatment of animals at animal shelters, so everyone can see with one’s own eyes and make sure that the only thing that shelters’ residents lack is a beloved owner. However, this does not mean that shelters do not need your help. Shelters always lack volunteers for dog walking and cages’ cleaning, also, a help in the form of buying food, beds and leashes will always come in handy. For more information look below the videos from shelters.

Whether it is a dog or cat, the animal will be your friend for a lifetime, which is why the subject of adopting an animal should be considered very seriously. Unfortunately, the practice shows that over time, the animal may become “unwanted” due to the birth of a child in the family, or in the case of relocation, in order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to evaluate one’s possibilities for about ten years ahead. Since we become responsible, forever, for what we have tamed. The animal is not a toy, it is a member of a family. Moreover, an animal is a great responsibility, it requires attention, care and affection, and if you treat it well, it will return the favor. Before you adopt a pet, consult the shelter staff or experts, as long as professionals will tell you about the personality of a particular breed, about the proper nutrition and essential animal healthcare. Remember, for the animal, there is only its owner in this world; it will be true to its salt throughout life.

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