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“Stari Maček” (Old Cat) is the only Croatian animal shelter for abandoned and old cats. It is situated in the National Park of Nature near Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. It has found its current home in 2008, after previously sheltering the felines in a narrow flat.

The main reason why this particular shelter is so unique is seen in the name. The average age of the cats is 7 years. The older the cat, the less chances it has of finding a new home, so the work of the shelter is invaluable. Right now, there are 130 cats living there, both in the house and a small garden outside.

Such a unique shelter always faces a lot of problems. Apart from the lack of help from the government and authorities, the shelter is also quite remote and during the winters it can only be accessed by snow plugs and tractors. That alone makes it difficult for volunteers and food suppliers to go to the shelter.

Despite all the circumstances, the head of the shelter (Ljiljana Horvat- Komerički with the help from her husband Josip), as well as the volunteers, work hard to achieve their goals. Like most animal lovers, they are rather ambitious. They strive to provide a home for cats that had never had a home or were abandoned. The most prominent of their goals is to create a common place for all the animal rights enthusiasts, in order to coordinate with each other and make the streets free from stray pets.

Needless to say, the shelter needs help from both volunteers and the kind people, who are willing to help with pet food. With enough help, the shelter can achieve even the most ambitious of their tasks.

The shelter needs your help. Look at the bottom of the page, where you will find the products necessary for the shelter. You can buy them online and they will be delivered to the shelter directly. Tell your friends about our project and the possibility to help animals all over the world!

"Stari Maček" Cat Shelter


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