"Lesi" dog shelter



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"Lesi" dog shelter


Serbia, Plavna

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“Lesi” (Lassie) dog shelters are a part of the project that began in 2013 with the help of donors from Austria and Mrs. Monika Brukner, from Switzerland, who is a perennial fighter for the rights of animals in Serbia. It is the only temporary shelter for the most vulnerable homeless pets – the old, sick, injured, mothers with puppies and so on.

Also, the members of the “Lesi” project help locals with changing the ownership, transportation and pet sterilization. They also strive to educate and inform the owners about significant issues and problems with stray animals. For the last three years, they have found home for dozens of dogs, and sterilized hundreds of dogs and cats. However, they only accept dogs in the shelter, due to the shortage of Resources to provide refuge to cats.

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