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Tamaz Elizbarashvili's Dog Shelter


Georgia, Tbilisi

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The animal shelter was founded by a businessman Tamaz Elizbarashvili in September of 2004. During all of these years, this dog sanctuary, in particular, has had one of the most turbulent, exciting and unbelievable histories that an animal shelter could have.
The shelter has faced difficult periods during its history. Even though the shelter has been working for the greater good, its activities were often opposed by people and the government. The local residents living near the shelter constantly wrote complaints against the shelter and the government did not finance it at all. Thankfully, that has never stopped the shelter from working and being financed by Tamaz himself.
The Georgian public is well aware that the founder of the shelter is always fighting for justice. However, that has turned against him when he was imprisoned by the government in 2010. Upon his release, Tamaz continued his activities with ten times more energy. He expanded both his business and the shelter. He also built a cinema on the territory of the shelter, where school pupils could see movies about dogs for free. The purpose was to encourage love, loyalty and care towards animals among children.
Unfortunately, a major flood has struck Tbilisi in 2015, which is famous for killing almost half of inhabitants of the Tbilisi zoo. It had a devastating effect on the shelter too, as Tamaz has said himself: “Humans have failed in fighting against me, and on June 13, 2015, the disaster attacked me. The river took 10 brown bears and up to 300 dogs away from me.”
Although everything was destroyed and the shelter area was announced as the disaster zone, the shelter owner did not give up. He started the construction of animal shelter from the scratches in a different place. A new, European standard shelter was built in just a year. It is equipped with clinic and rehabilitation rooms, as well as opened and closed enclosures. A building of a new cinema is planned, serving the same purpose as the previous one.
Right now, there are 343 dogs, 58 puppies and 2 brown bears living in the shelter. The workers of the shelter regularly visit the dogs adopted from the shelter. If the dog is not provided with the appropriate conditions, the animal is returned back.
People like Tamaz Elizbarashvili, shelter’s workers and volunteer are a clear example of what care for animals mean for people all over the world. Even though they were able to sustain the animal shelter against all odds for all these years, there are still a lot of work ahead.

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