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"El Gatio" shelter


Colombia, Bogotá

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El Gatio animal shelter is situated in Bogota, a capital of Colombia. It is also a private non-profit organization, dedicated to the protection and adoption of cats and is not supported by the government. The main mission of the shelter is to be a prominent adoption center. It is a no-kill shelter, which means that every Colombian animal living there can be full and safe there as long as necessary for it to find a new loving owner.

El Gatio itself is a quite peculiar shelter. It can even be seen in something as basic as its name. ‘Gatio’ is not really a word, but rather a play on words: Spanish words ‘Patio’ (a porch) and ‘Gatos’ (cats) combined implies that the cats love spending their time outside. As the representatives of the shelter themselves say, the shelter is for cats, who were once abandoned, injured or mistreated to have a place of their own, where they can live among the ones like them, rehabilitate and learn to trust humans again until they find a new home.

El Gatio was founded by two women, Monica and Carolina, who couldn’t look away from the horrible conditions the cats had to live in on the streets. After, at first, having several cats at a time each at their own flat, they have found each other and created El Gatio in 2013. Cats at the shelter, much like in any other shelter or sanctuary, get all the needed treatment and sterilization.
Even though El Gatio has come a long way, having gone from small apartments to a house with more than 60 feline inhabitants, there is still a lot of work left. The shelter also plans to create a veterinary center and a mobile sterilization unit, as well as to find even more loving owners for their lovely cats.

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