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MTÜ Saaremaa suoja


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NGO Saaremaa’s Animal Shelter has been operating since 2005, starting out as an ambitious effort to reduce pet overpopulation by seeking new homes for stray cats living on the Saaremaa Island in Estonia. Initially, all animals were housed in the homes of the volunteers, but as of 2013, organization was able to get rooms for the shelter needs, which accommodate more than half of all the animals currently in their care (more than 120 cats and 2 dogs).
Their goal is to help mistreated, abandoned or lost animals by providing them a temporary safe haven and aiding them in their search for their new homes. All animals in the sanctuary receive full vetting – sterilization, vaccination and parasite control. Members of the organization also aim to promote animal welfare in general and offer information to assist the local community with concerns about their own pets or stray animals.
In the last three years, the NGO Saaremaa have found a new home for more than 400 animals and it is the largest animal rescue community on the biggest island of Estonia.
As you can see on the webcam, the shelter is very eager to make the lives of their pets as comfortable as possible – the cat room is big and spacious. Cats can even go up near the ceiling, where wooden planks are set up for them. The activity of this room’s inhabitants changes throughout the day, but when they are active, you can almost see all of the dozens of cats of the shelter in one frame, which is a scene worth watching.
The shelter of NGO Saaremaa homes a lot of stray pets, but their ambitions are much greater and in order to help even more pets, they need your help. Check out what products the shelter needs below, buy them online and don’t forget to tell your friends about it too.

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