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"Otrā māja" Shelter


Latvia, Daugavpils


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Help Animals

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Animal shelter «Otrā māja» was founded in 2014 on the initiative of the non-profit organization called “Otrā māja dzīvniekiem” (A Second Home for Animals, operating since 2010). Animals come to the «Otrā māja» shelter for various reasons: they are thrown out on the street; they become homeless due to death of its owner; they are lost and can’t find their way home.
Once an animal is brought to the shelter, it lives there as long as necessary to provide medical assistance and to find a new home – “Do not euthanize animals” – this is one of the most important rules of the «Otrā māja» shelter. The shelter has been operating for a relatively short time now, however, in this period it managed to save about 120 lives and find a new home of more than 90 pets. Shelter workers try their best to ensure that animals would feel as comfortable as possible within the walls of the shelter. All pets entering the shelter receive the necessary medical care: obligatory vaccination, anti-parasite treatment and sterilization. Moreover, every dog at the “Otrā Māja” shelter gets chipped and when given to a new owner (or returned to the former) it is registered in the Latvian database.
“Otrā māja” shelter’s workers are doing everything possible to find new owners for the animals, but in spite of all the efforts and assistance of the volunteers, the number of adopted animals hardly equates to the newcomers – the shelter regularly houses about 30 dogs and 20 cats. Keeping and treatment of the «Otrā māja» shelter residents is only possible thanks to the donations of caring people!
All visitors can get acquainted with the inhabitants of the «Otrā majā» shelter and spend some time with them. We are encouraging to watch the live streams and contact the shelter, if you have any questions. Do not forget about animals, which are always waiting for their owners to come. You can also help by buying food for the pets, as it’s available right here, on our website.

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