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All sizes Rabbit Rescue Society


Canada, Edmonton

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All sizes Rabbit Rescue Society is an Edmonton and Area based rescue dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming feral and dumped rabbits in the Edmonton and surrounding area; as well as shutting down breeding operations in which the animals are kept in horrid and abusive situations.

To date, All Sizes Rabbit Rescue Society has had a hand in rescuing and rehoming over 600 rabbits, with that number swiftly going up.

It was founded over a year ago as a result of a feral domestic rabbit colony that had been around for over 30 years, that had been attempted to be rescued or killed multiple times with no success; over the course of approximately 9 months, the society successfully rescued over 250 rabbits, with hundreds more being born in care among the various rescues that were able to intake.

Since that initial colony rescue, the organization rescued two additional colonies, dozens more dumped Easter gifts, helped rescue and rehome over 60 rabbits from an ex-meat breeding farm and gearing up for another big intake from the next colony the society aims on rescuing.

All the funding of the All size Rabbit Rescure Society and support comes from amazing individuals who believe in what they do, and they give thanks to each and every person who donates one time, monthly and supports their fundraisers.

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