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"Tiara" shelter


Portugal, Amadora

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Associação Tiarama was legally founded in 2015 although the founders of the shelter had been doing similar volunteer work for over 10 years.
The main goal of the shelter is to rescue cats and dogs from the streets, heal, spay and neuter them and try to find a family to adopt them. In addition, the shelter is engaged in implementing Trap-Neuter-Return programs for feral cat colonies.

Over the years, in spite of limited means and volunteers, hundreds of animals have found nice homes to live in due to the work of the shelter.
The former (and very first) shelter used to be an abandoned house with no electricity and piped water. Despite the tough work, those old walls allowed the shelter to save many animals.

Currently, the shelter has a rented space where corresponding work is being done towards building a decent shelter for cats. Unfortunately, the shelter receives very few donations (and most of them go straight to pay veterinarian expenses due to the fact that the shelter is always in debt) so the work is going quite slowly because the shelter basically pays for it through small sales on fairs and though the Facebook page of the shelter.
Besides, the shelter supports some needy families by offering them food and/or veterinarian care for their pets.

The shelter’s adoption process is sometimes criticized as being too complicated because, in addition to the adoption contract, a visit to the adopter’s house is required. However, it is much better to get over this criticism than allow any risk for the animals to get abandoned once again.

The shelter is constantly in need of dry and canned food and cat litter. However, at the moment, the shelter needs a lot of other things too, among them cages, cat pole scratchers, toys, etc.

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Kuivaruokaa kissoille (2kg)

Highly digestible dry food, rich in tasty turkey and rice. The selected protein sources help food intolerance and omega 6 fatty acids support healthy skin and fur.


Kuivamuonaa kissanpennuille (2kg)

Dry kitten food to support healthy growth for your young cat. The perfect nutrition for junior cats, with all essential nutrients that they need..


Kissan lelu

Intelligent cat toy is an amazing time to play with the running bolls. Your cat will appreciate it.


Kissanruoka tölkissä (1,2kg)

Canned food with high-quality and natural ingredients, with at least 70% meat and free from preservatives and additives. Available in a variety o


Kissanruoka tölkissä (2,4kg)

Natural wet cat food with a minimum 70% meat and fish content. It is gluten-free and full of nutrients, containing no artificial additives & available in a range of delicious, mouth-watering flavours.