"GATUARI" - Co-living space for cats



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"GATUARI" - Co-living space for cats


Spain, Barcelona

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Gatuari is a non-profit organization founded in Barcelona at the end of 2015 to give a second chance to invisible cats from different shelters around the country. Invisible cats are ones that stay behind at the shelters for some reason. These are usually cats with black and tabby fur, adult or shy cats, or ones with special needs. The shelter strives to help the cats that have been waiting for so long to be saved by shelters. The problem of rescuing animals is an urgent task in our country due to the number of abandonments.

Gatuari is also a co-living place for cats. It is a quiet, respectful and relaxing room where cats can enjoy their time while waiting for their definitive family. Visitors are free to come and spend time with the cats. Some might want to play or will ask for pattings, some might just want to sleep, and people will adjust to the rules of the cats at all times. While in the shelter, visitors can have a cup of coffee, tea or water. The entrance ticket includes a Wi-Fi connection and a little shelf full of books about cats and other animals for both adults and kids.

Those interested in adopting should be asked to come several times in order to get to know to the next member of the family and make a little bond with him or her. Also, adopters will be asked to make a basic cat course in order to ensure responsible ownership.

Gatuari is also a place to learn more about cats. The shelter offers different talks about veterinary problems, cat behavior and communication, nutrition, etc. Are welcomed other talks and workshops too, especially those related to animals’ welfare and awareness of homeless pets, ecology, responsible consumption and other related issues. Besides, in order to support the project, Qutuari offers different activities (for example, yoga and mindfulness), which are compatible with the lifestyle of cats.

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