“Noah’s Ark” Animal Shelter in Malta Joins Animals Life NET

  • 18.10.2016

That’s true – we have reached out to Malta and now we have added another participant into the project by installing webcams in their shelter.

“Noah’s Ark Malta” is one of the biggest animal shelters in Malta and is currently housing about a hundred dogs. Just like the shelters in other countries, they too need help, as there are always mouths to feed. Apart from that, the stark difference between “Noah’s Ark” and other shelters featured on our website is clearly seen, which only adds to the diversity and the variety of animal shelters around the globe.

To help the shelter, go straight to their page on our website and click the ‘Feed’ button. That way, you can buy animal food online and it will be delivered directly to the shelter. If this is not possible for you right now, click on one of the buttons on the bottom of this page to share the information with your friends and relatives!

We hope that you will be intrigued to hear that live streams from shelters in other countries are coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled for shelters and pets from Romania, Ireland, Russia and much more live on Animals Life NET!

Broadcast is powered by Animalslife.net

Broadcast is powered by Animalslife.net