Nuaras Organization’s Shelter in Klaipeda Joined the Project

  • 03.08.2016

One of the shelters of the Lithuanian “Nuaras” organization in the beautiful Lithuanian city of Kaunas now has a webcam in a newly opened cat room. The organization is one of the largest in terms of animal rescue in Lithuania. It has shelters in three major Lithuanian cities: Klaipeda, Kaunas and Alytus and with all of them it provides a home for a pretty impressive amount of animals: 400 pets! Apart from doing an amazing job of sheltering homeless pets, “Nuaras” provides veterinary treatment to stray and wild animals.

This particular shelter is called “West Lithuanian Animal Shelter” (Vakarų Lietuvos gyvūnų globos namai). Be sure to keep the status of “Nuaras” as the leading animal rescue organization by helping out the shelter with food and products that the animals need. Also, watch the stream below and tell us what you think!

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