Time-Lapse Videos from Animal Shelters on Animals Life NET

  • 20.05.2016

Have you ever experienced logging on our website, choosing a webcam of cats from a certain shelter and seeing these cute furry felines doing… nothing? Well, the cats do tend to get a little lazy, with their usual sleeping hours ranging from 16 to 18 hours per day. Thankfully, such an extended rest only serves as a boost for overly hyperactive cat activity during the active hours.

Because every individual cat has its own biological clock, you might need a little luck  in order to catch the pinnacle of cat’s crazy life. If you did not manage to see how the cats usually behave when they are not sleeping, Animals Life NET has a surprise for you. We have put together a special time-lapse for all the cat-lovers that watch our website. For the first video, we have decided to see into the life of pets from the shelter “Labās Mājas” in Riga, Latvia. Check out what cats are doing when nobody’s looking right here:

Among the cats that one may see in the video above are Felix, Kima, Mellenīte and countless others, all of which are eagerly waiting to be adopted and taken to a loving, caring household. Keep up with our new time-lapse videos on our YouTube channel!

Help out the cats in the “Labās Mājas” shelter right now! Adopt a kitty or find out what the shelter needs and share the information on social media.

Also, watch the live stream and see if the cats are as crazy as they were on the video.

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