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"Tic Tac Animal" shelter


Mexico, Toluca

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Tic Tac Animal was founded in 2012 in response to the high number of abused and/or abandoned dogs. The shelter is located in a semi-rural area where there is much indifference and disinterest for the integrity of domestic animals.
The shelter has  30 dogs that are supported with its own resources;  “Tic Tac animal” receives government funds and occasionally friends donate the food and blankets.
The shelter  located in Zinacantepec in the Estado de Mexico, a state next to Mexico City, in the foothills of an inactive volcano, Nevado de Toluca. The climate is rainy and cold 80% of the year and it is do not has the ideal conditions to keep them all safe. Most dogs are medium to large size mutts, which make their adoption very hard because most people are looking for small dogs.

The shelter also has rescued special-need dogs with trauma in their hind legs. Some use wheelchairs, and others have had to be operated on to repair fractures, which generates unexpected expenses. There are adult dogs with arthritis or cancer that will not be adopted and need special care. But unfortunately the shelter does not have resources for their treatments, so the personal try only to give them a better quality of life.

The mission of the shelter is to educate people to stop buying animals. They tirelessly promote sterilization and provide legal advice on animal rights issues.
They faithfully believe that if every Mexican family adopts a stray animal, they will completely eradicate irresponsible reproduction, abuse and neglect.

Tic Tam animal needs international support to cover the basic necessities such as the carriers where they sleep that protect them better from the cold, plus blankets and towels to keep them warm and dry. Food is urgently needed since it is never enough and vaccines that are indispensable for the dogs’ health. The shelter also needs collars, leashes, tags, sweaters and metal food bowls.

The shelters thanks everyone for helping get the word out about Tic Tac Animal so more people can get to know the dogs and they can be adopted by loving families.

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Products necessary for the shelter

Dry food for dogs (10kg)

Dog food for adult dogs highly nutritious salmon and rice for a healthy diet, with beneficial vitamins and minerals


Canned dog food (4,8kg)

Premium quality wet dog food which provides natural, additive-free nutrition for your dog; naturally rich in protein and nutrients, preserved in the tasty cooking stock, easy to digest.


Slip lead (qty)

Collar and lead in one piece, ideal for dogs that love water, available in a variety of colours.