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“SOS Gyvūnai” was founded in February 2008, as a non-profit, no-kill, all-breed shelter for stray, abandoned, neglected dogs and cats in Lithuania. Only in 2010, “SOS Gyvūnai” managed to find homes for 794 dogs and 1118 cats.
The mission of “SOS Gyvūnai” is to provide every pet that enters the shelter the best living conditions of a caring permanent home, because it is believed that no matter their size, shape or story all dogs and cats deserve a chance to live long, happy and healthy lives.
“SOS Gyvūnai” functions as an adoption shelter, but is also working diligently to reduce pet overpopulation by spaying/neutering pets before handing them to new owners. It is possible only thanks to donations from good and generous people. Here, at the “SOS Gyvūnai” shelter people work hard every day to accomplish their mission and by educating the community, sharing their beliefs and providing adoption services.
The shelter has two main facilities. First is located outside of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and it is their primary animal shelter. The other one is located right in the center of the city, near the AKROPOLIS shopping center. It is a cat house that is made in cooperation with Friskies, in order to attract more attention to the cats for adoption. As you will see from the live streams, this tactic seems to work and loads of people look into the windows of the cat house every day.
Animal care is the main activity of the “SOS Gyvūnai” shelter. Here, homeless animals are taken care of: get cured, groomed, vaccinated, fed, taken for a walk and adopted. Shelter maintenance is a hard task that takes much time, effort and dedication, but at the “SOS Gyvūnai”, love for animals is the driving force!

The shelter needs your help. Look at the bottom of the page, where you will find the products necessary for the shelter. You can buy them online and they will be delivered to the shelter directly. Tell your friends about our project and the possibility to help animals all over the world!



Lithuania, Vilnius

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