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Animalia's Cat Sanctuary


Macedonia, Skopje

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“Animalia” is an animal rights non-profit organization based in Ohrid, Macedonia. It was founded in 2013 with the mission to provide a better future for the stray animals and fighting for animal rights in general. What started as a small dog shelter with a few cages, quickly grew into a much bigger one, holding about 35 homeless dogs at the moment and has found a new loving home for more than 150 dogs since.

In June 2015, two of the organization’s volunteers, who lived in the countries’ capital Skopje, dedicated a room in their apartment to sheltering homeless cats, since the dog shelter was not equipped to do so. This action obviously speaks volumes about the level of dedication to their cause and the love of pets. The goal was to help cats that would not make it on their own on the streets. Abandoned little kittens, injured or otherwise sick cats, which are nursed back to health and later adopted in loving and caring homes. It is now officially known as “Animalia’s Cat Sanctuary” and currently takes care of 8 cats, with more than 30 successfully adopted cats in the past year.

Just like many of the animal rescue organizations in the region, “Animalia” tries to educate more and more people about animal welfare and the situation about the stray pets in the country, as well as responsible care about domestic animals.

The workers of the cat sanctuary are ever-passionate about what they do. However, it is extremely difficult to sustain the proper organization and two shelters without much public support in their own country. That is why they need our support. Check the online shop below for the products they need and the fundraising bar. Help them out at least by a little – that way we can really make a difference!

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Products necessary for the shelter

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Dry food specially designed for fussy or sensitive cats, rich in salmon and with easily digestible ingredients. It has an optimum calcium-phosphorus content for prophylaxis against urinary stones.


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Natural wet cat food with a minimum 70% meat and fish content. It is gluten-free and full of nutrients, containing no artificial additives & available in a range of delicious, mouth-watering flavours.


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Canned food with high-quality and natural ingredients, with at least 70% meat and free from preservatives and additives. Available in a variety of flavours!


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This brilliant silicate litter stops odours in seconds! Extremely absorbent, environmentally-friendly, and efficient.


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