"La Marina" Wildlife Rescue Center


Alajuela Province, San Carlos

"La Marina" Wildlife Rescue Center


Costa Rica, Alajuela Province, San Carlos

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The center was founded many years ago due to chance. The unconditional love and respect for nature were what inspired the founders of the center: it was the spark that ignited the project.
Initially, it was a rescue center with limited infrastructure for small wild animals, but the need to accommodate domesticated wild animals was so great that within a few years it had become one of the largest rescue centers in the country, which meant it had to open part of its installations to the public to cover the costs. The center became the first “zoo” in the north of the country. At that time, the specialist advice, the economic restraints and the guidelines of MINAE (a government organization that is committed to protecting the flora and the fauna) suggested having cages of established dimensions for each species: preferably made from metal with concrete floors. This requirement had the aim to maintain the best level of cleanliness and consequently, and fewer health problems for the animals. In the rescue center, any remaining traces of this kind of infrastructure are due to economic restraints. Although, legally, the latter is still the official standard for maintaining wild animals, currently more natural options have been established. They produce surprisingly positive results that have been authorized by MINAE.
The founders of the center firmly believe that within a few years all the animals that have been seized can live with a full and excellent live in captivity and they will possibly be out into reintroduction programs in order to be returned to their natural habitat. Hopefully, other rescue centers and zoos in the country will copy this model in order to improve the life of all animals in captivity.

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