Bears are Live from the “Mežavairogi” Shelter

  • 02.08.2016

Great news! We have installed a new webcam in the Latvian shelter “Mežavairogi” in Kekava. Even though we consider all of our shelters to be exceptional, this one is pretty special. This is the only shelter in Latvia, and probably the whole Baltics, where two live female bears live constantly. As you can see from the webcams, Laima and Māra love to lie around, swim and scratch their backs – not very active, but undeniably cute!

The “Mežavairogi” shelter itself is not only for the bears – it is also home to as much as 100 dogs and 80 cats, which makes this shelter a very prominent activist in saving animals. This also means that all of these pets need to be fed, along with the bears, so the more help shelter can get, the better.

Don’t be indifferent to the fates of animals! Check out the live stream below and support the shelter by buying food, volunteering or adopting an animal!

P.S. Unfortunately, the bears are not for adoption.

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