“Lesi Bac” – New Project Member from Serbia

  • 09.12.2016

“Lesi Bac” – a dog shelter from Plavna, Serbia is now a new member of the project.

As you can see from the live stream video of the animal shelter, the dogs have gone through a lot of trouble to get to safety in the shelter. Some dogs are injured and some obviously suffered from abuse.

Thankfully, the volunteers of the shelter are kind to the poor souls and provide as much help to the pets as possible. However, it is often difficult to financially sustain the shelter and the animals.
Because of that, we urge you to go the shelter’s page and buy any product that is needed for the shelter right on our website. After the purchase, the food will be delivered to the shelter directly.

Act now! Only joined efforts can make this world a better a place!

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