Urgent Message from Puppies in “Ulubele” Shelter

  • 12.08.2016

Attention! An urgent letter from puppies in Latvian “Ulubele” shelter:

“Hello, we are a family of dogs, consisting of me, my two brothers and our mother. We were found exhausted and verminous in an abandoned factory in Bolderaja. We were fed, washed, appointed a treatment. Yeah, we got in safe paws, but to be honest, we are not very used to the two-legged company. They are frightening, you know. But we are ready to get to know better. Go over to see us for an hour or two. Oh, we also love these, what’s it called, canned dog food. It is so tasty, but we have heard that the shelter is in short supply of it…”

As you can see, the puppies are in dire need of love and support, so sign up for volunteering at the “Ulubele” shelter as soon as possible, you can do so here. If you do not have the opportunity to come to the shelter, you can order dog food by following the link and then clicking on the “Feed”, and we will deliver it straight to the shelter!

To see how the puppies are growing up and adjusting to new environment, watch the stream below:

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