"SNAP Cats" Sanctuary


Santa Rosa

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"SNAP Cats" Sanctuary


USA, Santa Rosa

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SNAP Cats is a truly unique sanctuary and rescue. The major difference between it and other rescues and sanctuaries is that it specializes only in cats with special needs and senior cats. No matter what the condition of the feline is, its volunteers truly believe that any cat can be adopted into a new, loving home. If the cat is not adopted, then it can live the rest of its life happily and peacefully in the sanctuary, regardless of age, temperament and health condition.

The SNAP Cats rescue & sanctuary is located in Santa Rosa (Sonoma County, California). It has moved into its new home on January 1, 2016. It has been founded by Darryl Roberts, current executive director, veterinary technician and animal rights activist with many years of experience working in different animal shelters.

SNAP Cats is the only rescue in the region that works with the special needs cats. Apart from the above-mentioned special needs or senior cats, the sanctuary also homes felines with such conditions as FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and even FeLV (Feline leukemia virus). Cats with the latter condition are housed separately from the others. Compassion for the cats in such state shows just how much the volunteers are dedicated to the cause of saving and protecting helpless special needs cats. However, the SNAP Cats is limited in the number of felines with diseases that it can take, so it’s better to contact the sanctuary directly for more details.

Just like many other animal helping communities from all over the world, SNAP Cats sanctuary & rescue is working hard and selflessly, in order to ensure that more and more homeless, abandoned or ill felines receive care and love that they deserve. At least a small fraction of their work’s results can be seen in the live streams above, with the big cat room of the sanctuary being the highlight.

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Natural wet cat food with a minimum 70% meat and fish content. It is gluten-free and full of nutrients, containing no artificial additives & available in a range of delicious, mouth-watering flavours.


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