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SOS Animaux animal welfare society


Tunisia, Nabeul

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SOS Animaux is a Tunisian non-profit animal welfare society. It was founded in October 2007 by Dr. Raoudha Mansour, Veterinarian (and President of the association) and based in Nabeul. Since then, it has been operating as a non-kill shelter with the aim to save stray dogs and cats.

The second aim of the organization is to find permanent homes for the animals – either in Tunisia or abroad (in recent years, a lot of cats and dogs have been adopted in various European countries). However, fees are to be paid for animals to enter Europe (chip and rabies test on top of vaccination). The organization needs the support of kind people to be able to pay these fees.

All animals are vaccinated and sterilized. All veterinary care and surgeries are done by Dr Mansour free of charge.
The shelter’s ability to house more animals depends on its means. So, priority is given to the most urgent and or severe cases (handicaped/injured/sick). The number of animals housed in the shelter may vary (because some of them, mainly cats and kittens, are left anonymously at the entrance door of the shelter). As of June 2017, there are 60 cats and 30 dogs in the shelter.

The organization lives on donations, mostly from private donators.

Due to lack of means (whether human or financial resources), the society has not been able to achieve all its original ambitious objectives (educational, awareness, trap-neuter-return campaigns, etc.).

https://www.healthfitnessremedy.com/ So all the efforts are focused on finding means to sustain the shelter, which is always in need of dry pet food, cat litter filler (imported goods are much more expensive than in Europe), not speaking of pharmaceutical products for care and surgery. The society is also in need of improving the shelter facilities (doors/wire mesh fences…).

Daily cleaning and food distribution at the shelter are performed by a single worker. Health care is provided by an assistant under the supervision of Dr. Mansour, who herself pays him. Volunteer work is not recognized and practiced well enough in the Tunisian culture, so there are few volunteers. So SOS Animaux is seeking for foreign volunteers to come and help the shelter.

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