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“Take a Friend Home” Private Shelter


Romania, Bacau

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The Foundation “Take a Friend Home” was founded in 2006 in Bacau, in the East part of Romania and it provides shelter for over 200 adult dogs and over 80 puppies, as well as a few cats. The organization is not funded by the government and only by donations.

There are only three workers in the shelter in total: two of them ensure the dogs live in a clean and safe environment and manages the shelter and a third person, who promotes and socializes very close with each and every dog. Of course, there is always a shortage of volunteers and shelter administration invites everyone to come to the shelter and help with the pets. This is a “no-kill” shelter that is proud of more than 2000 successful adoptions and two times more than that number of dogs spayed and neutered in the last few years.

The foundation is also involved in mass spaying programs such as the “spay and return” for the feral dogs that cannot be adopted and the neutering program in cooperation with the Bacau city council for the families that cannot afford it.

The “Take a Friend Home” foundations’s goals consist of reducing the number of stray dogs as much as possible by spaying and neutering them in a humane way, promoting and finding best homes for as many dogs as they can and, at last but not least, educate and promote respect, love, care and attention for animals, investing in knowledge and service the dogs to protect them from ill-treatment and cruelty.

Just like the other shelters in Romania, the workers “Take a Friend Home” are fully dedicated to their work and try to help as many pets as they can. In order to do that, they need your help. Look at the bottom of the page, where you will find the products necessary to the shelter. You can buy them online and they will be delivered to the shelter directly. Tell your friends about our project and the possibility to help animals in Romania!

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Products necessary for the shelter

Dry food for dogs (15kg)

Dog food for adult dogs highly nutritious salmon and rice for a healthy diet, with beneficial vitamins and minerals


Dry puppy food (15 kg)

Dry food for puppies. Made with 70% meat, fish and other fresh ingredients. Natural nutrients aid healthy development. Wheat & gluten-free.


Canned dog food (4,8kg)

Premium quality wet dog food which provides natural, additive-free nutrition for your dog; naturally rich in protein and nutrients, preserved in the tasty cooking stock, easy to digest.