Private shelter of the charitable foundation "Sirius"



Private shelter of the charitable foundation "Sirius"


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Help Animals

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“Sirius” animal shelter is one of the biggest and most prominent animal helping society in Ukraine. Having been opened in 2000, it has saved and found a new home to more than 4000 animals and is now sheltering more than 2000 cats and dogs. It has been moving from one place to another for more than 10 years, finally settling in the village of Fedorovka nor far from the Ukranian capital in 2014.

As soon as the new inhabitant comes to the shelter, it gets all the necessary treatment and the shelter’s foundation also provides free vaccination, sterilization and help in caring for the pets of poor families. Getting donations from concrete people is really difficult for the shelter, that’s why the food and the necessary products are provided by various shops and organizations. The workers are very prolific – apart from handling the pets and the shelters, they constantly strive to educate society about the issues concerning homeless pets and animal adoption, but most importantly it’s the preventive measures, in order to teach owners about responsibility and the correct caring.

The dogs of the shelter mostly live in the outside enclosures, as it lacks funds to build a complete, heated building. Furthermore, due to the economic situation in the country, more and more partners of the shelters had to turn their back on the shelter and its support, as they are going through the economic struggle themselves.

Animal shelter of the “Sirius” foundation has always wanted to build and fully sustain a shelter of European quality standard. As you can see, the shelter does not yet have the live stream, as it has little to no resources to feed their inhabitants, let alone provide the internet connection. Therefore, we ask you to choose any sum for the fundraiser on the right and help the animals in shelters be seen and heard. As soon as the fundraising bar is filled, we will be able to connect the live stream webcam in the shelter and make the situation in the shelter more visible.

Don’t pass by! It’s just one click for you and a matter of life and death for the animals!

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