Another Live Stream from Romania in the “La-ti Acasa un Prieten” Shelter

  • 07.11.2016

New streams from the “La-ti Acasa un Prieten” private animal shelter in Bacau are available on Animals Life NET

The second Romanian shelter has now joined the Animals Life NET project. The private shelter of the “La-ti Acasa un Prieten” (Take a Friend Home) foundation is a bit smaller than its Romanian colleague, but can proudly say that they have over two thousand success stories of animal adoptions.

As seen from the live videos below, this place shelters both adults and puppies, with the cams installed in the living areas of the both.

Want to help the shelter? Head over to their page and see what products they need.

Are you in Romania? Then go to their page and sign up for volunteering or find out how to adopt a pet online.